Scholarships and Awards

One of AMBCANADA’s key objectives is to support the academic study of international affairs and diplomacy and the fostering of global understanding.

In the past, AMBCANADA has provided financial support to Pearson College in British Columbia, to the Raoul Dandurand Foundation at the University of Montreal in Quebec and to the Glyn R. Berry Memorial Scholarship at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

More recently, AMBCANADA has established two new financial support mechanisms with the Graduate Schools of Public and International Affairs, Student Internships Abroad Programs, at the University of Ottawa and the University of Victoria. In each case, AMBCANADA provides $2,000 per year for three years to contribute to travel expenses for students who have been selected to participate as an intern at a Canadian mission abroad or other related international institution.

AMBCANADA will continue to research other opportunities for financial participation, including recognition of Canadian aboriginal peoples studying international affairs.

In other examples of the Association’s commitment to support education in international affairs, some AMBCANADA members have scholarships in their own names at Canadian universities (e.g. the Ambassador Gary J. Smith Scholarship at York University).

Students interested in applying for such awards should do so direct with the institutions in question, not through AMBCANADA.

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