Not Mentioned in Dispatches

Not Mentioned in Dispatches

More excerpts from the personal notebooks of former Canadian diplomats

It’s all here…everything you didn’t know about how Canada’s diplomats operate abroad when they are ambushed by protocol, wrong-footed in cultural minefields or dodging stray bullets in a shooting skirmish. Read these sideways glances, discreet indiscretions, un-sung heroics and real-life adventures in foreign affairs, for an inside look at what your country’s representatives abroad do when they greet the day…or get up in the middle of the night.

Once again, in these sometimes touching, sometimes humorous but always intriguing reminiscences, we disclose more of the diplomat’s tradecraft and skillsets that foreign service officers employ in pursuit of Canadian interests abroad. Here you will see firsthand a profession which is undergoing radical change in order to accommodate the age of digital everything. When making judgement calls to deal with complex, multifaceted issues and people, allies or opponents, like-minded or unlike, has the notion of Artificial Intelligence become a diplomatic oxymoron? Your call, dear reader.

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To purchase Not Mentioned in Dispatches, please send a cheque in the amount of $25.00, including shipping and handling, to RHOMA, P.O. Box 53190, Stn. Rideau Centre, Ottawa ON, K1N 1C5.

The book is also available in some bookstores, notably in Ottawa at Books on Beechwood and at Baico Publishing, in Perth at The Book Nook & Treasures, and in Kingston at Novel Idea Bookshop on Princess Street.


RHOMA promotes Not Mentioned in Dispatches in Prince Edward County on Radio 99.3 FM (March 8, 2020)


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A Review by John Graham of Not Mentioned in Dispatches in the Manor Park Chronicle (March 2020) 

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A Review by Louis Delvoie of  Not Mentioned in Dispatches  in the Kingston Whig Standard (2019-12-20)

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