AmbCanada’s objectives are to:

  • provide a means by which a sense of professional identity and collegiality may be maintained by former Heads of Mission in retirement;
  • maintain a calendar of regular events to give expression to this sense and to foster social relations among retired Heads of Mission, their spouses and partners;
  • encourage the use of the specialized knowledge, experience and background of retired heads of mission by the Departments of the Canadian Foreign Service and by other governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations as well;
  • support, through a modest program of financial aid and its members’ personal contributions, education in foreign affairs and diplomacy, and better international understanding;
  • promote the maintenance of a strong, professional Foreign Service;
  • monitor the development and implementation of Canada’s foreign policy and the Foreign Service and to offer public comments when appropriate;
  • promote within Canada an appreciation of the history of the Canadian Foreign Service, its achievements, traditions and standards.
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