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Applying for Membership

Regular Members
Regular membership is open to anyone who has served as a Head of Mission of a Canadian diplomatic or consular mission abroad i.e., Ambassador, High Commissioner or Consul General, or equivalent. This includes anyone who has served continuously as
Chargé d’Affaires (Acting HOM) of a Canadian mission for one year or more. Regular membership is also open to anyone who was formally designated by Global Affairs Canada as a Deputy Head of Mission (DHOM). Regular members must have retired or otherwise ceased to be full-time federal public servants before becoming members.

Associate Members
Associate membership is open to any spouse or partner of a Regular member, living or deceased. Spouses and partners of current Regular members are automatically Associate members. Unlike regular members, Associate members need not have ended their employment with the federal public service before becoming Associate members.

Fees for 2024:
The current fee for Regular Members is $85 and for Associate Members is $50. Please consult this summary of AMBCANADA Benefits & Contributions to see all that your membership brings to you and our community through your dues. 

Application Forms
If you are not currently a Member of AMBCANADA and you wish to join the Association,
please complete the appropriate form below. We will be in contact with you once your
application has been reviewed.

Regular Member application form, English

Associate Member application form, English


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