RHOMA Participates in Memorial Wall Ceremony (2019-06-10)

RHOMA Participates in Memorial Wall Ceremony (2019-06-10)

The Memorial Wall Ceremony was held on June 10, 2019 at Global Affairs Canada. This was the second Memorial ceremony, following last year’s first unveiling of plaques commemorating 5 employees who died while serving abroad.

The ceremony was held in the lobby of Global Affairs Canada, at the site of the Memorial Wall. It was an occasion for family, friends and colleagues to gather and pay tribute to the following 6 people who were recognized at this year’s ceremony. They are:

J.M. (Joseph MacLeod) Boyer: Killed in 1952, in Cairo during an anti-Western riot.

Dr. Egerton Herbert Norman: Died in 1957 in Egypt, by suicide after being unjustly targetted by the US Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee during the McCarthy era.

Hans Karl Rott and Albert Sautner: Died in 1969 in Vienna, from Molotov cocktails thrown in the Embassy.

Wayne Hubble: Died in 1972 in a Japan Airlines plane accident in New Delhi.

Patricia Harland: Died in 1991, in Kenya in a car accident in Nairobi. The accident killed her husband, Bernhard Weidmann, and two hitch hikers from Britain.

The gathering was also an opportunity for RHOMA members to meet the new Deputy Minister, Marta Morgan. Rick Kohler, on behalf of the President, gave Ms Morgan a letter of congratulations, including information on RHOMA objectives and a request to meet with Ms Morgan in the near future.

In her comments at the Ceremony, the Ms Morgan acknowledged the work of RHOMA in establishing the Memorial Wall and thanked a number of RHOMA members for their work with Global Affairs officials to identify those employees being remembered at this year’s ceremony: Abbie Dann, Rick Kohler, and Sandelle Scrimshaw.

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