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Dear AMBCANADA Colleagues and Friends,
First let me wish you all a Happy New Year and may 2021 bring all that is good to you and your family.

As your new AMBCANADA President, I am writing, in time honoured tradition, to ask you to pay your annual membership dues for 2021!  Yet another year – a very challenging and unusual year – has gone by, and we once again need to refresh our finances to be able to carry on our organization’s activities.  

This year we need your timely remission of dues more than ever – by February 2 at the latest SVP.

Why? No doubt due to last year’s upsetting and uncertain circumstances with COVID, etc., some longstanding members overlooked paying their dues despite numerous nudges, and as a result in 2020 for the first time ever, RHOMA / AMBCANADA’s modest budget came up a bit short. We are very keen to rectify this situation, and so this year we would appreciate receiving your membership fee on an urgent basis.While the Board and Friends of the Board who keep the RHOMA / AMBCANADA train running make all their contributions pro bonowe do need membership dues to keep the Virtual Office Manager, website, webinars, translations, communications, scholarships, publications, the Directory and other programs and special projects going. The Virtual Office Manager, Scholarships / Bursaries and Translation are our major budget items, and we expect translation costs to increase as we are in touch more regularly with you all. 

Please do have a look at the  SUMMARY of AMBCANADA Benefits & Contributions (below) to see all that your membership brings to you and our community through your dues.   

In 2021 we are planning some one-time modernization expenditures which will need financial support – we want to update and integrate our membership management system with our finance and communication systems. We also expect to increasingly use other digital platforms and applications to interact with and connect to our members,  and will need to upgrade our webinar and meeting subscriptions.

In 2021 we also wish to design and produce some communications materials which will reflect the new AMBCANADA name and look. All of these improvements will take an extra bit of funding, and will really improve the outreach and profile of our organization, which is vital as we go into a major membership recruitment campaign later this year.

How To Pay Your Membership Dues

Our yearly membership dues are currently set at:

Members – $75  
Individual Spousal Associates – $40 

Associate Members  – $ 60

There are two ways to make payment: 

1) On-lineThe preferred method is PayPal which allows members to pay electronically and incur no additional charges. This is done by clicking on  AMBCANADA’s (RHOMA) 2021 membership renewal link

You do not/not need to have a PayPal account to make an online payment (after clicking on above link, select “Pay with credit card or Visa debit” to pay directly rather than through a PayPal account).
2) By mail:
 Enclose your cheque in the amount of $75.00 made payable to RHOMA and address it to AMBCANADA, PO Box 53190, Stn. Rideau Centre, Ottawa, ON, K1N 1C5. 

I thank you in advance for the swift contribution of your dues to our coffers by February 2nd, so that we can keep AMBCANADA running on time and into the future!

With warm regards,

Abbie Dann
Canadian Ambassadors Alumni Association





 Members-only access to our monthly Webinar Policy Series with renowned expert speakers and panelists.

  • Members-only access to our Webinar Eclectic Series – showcasing Canadian HOMs abroad / Foreign HOMs in Canada / and ‘ The Old Hands in XXX Posting’ Series – virtual gatherings of those who have served in intriguing capitals.
  • Post-COVID – Members-only invitation to topical lunches in the NCR, including electronic access for members across the Canada and world.
  • Evergreen MEMBER AND ASSOCIATE MEMBERS e-DIRECTORY – with addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses – to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. 
  • Access to AMBCANADA‘s smart new Website with Members-only portals / interactive discussion forum.
  • Monthly Edition of AMBCANADA Members Reach Out – summarizing in one place all articles, interviews, and books by our members.
  • Invitation to Annual AMBCANADA WRITERS Event – supporting AMBCANADA authors and other FS colleagues.
  • AMBCANADA Chapters in Victoria, Montreal & Quebec, and Toronto.
  • Regular Notifications of other organizations Events of Interest.
  • AMBCANADA Advocacy (with PAFSO) – EX: Establishing Memorial Wall for the Fallen; obtaining citizenship for FS grandchildren born abroad; instituting ‘In Memoriam’ notices across GAC for deceased officers, etc.
  • Timely ‘ In Memoriam’ notices of AMBCANADA members & family who have passed away. 
  • Preferential reception and rates at Beechwood National Cemetery.
  • FUTURE – More links from AMBCANADA to the greater Foreign Service community – Canadian Foreign Service Alumni Forum, PAFSO, etc.



 AMBCANADA Scholarships / Bursaries to support graduate students in International Relations. Our just established Indigenous Scholarship with Carleton will support an indigenous graduate’s engagement in international affairs.

  • AMBCANADA (RHOMA) published book series on the foreign service – “Declassified” and “ Not Mentioned in Dispatches”.
  • AMBCANADA Prize in Excellence for Writing – PAFSO Bout de Papier.
  • Mentoring – Participate in annual new HOM training project for CFSI / GAC .
  • Members’ MEDIA Roster – of available speakers for the
  • Members’ SPEAKERS Roster – of speakers on diplomacy available to civil society organizations, universities, schools, etc.
  • Participate in nominations for the Ambassadors of Note Awards.
  • Participate in Beechwood National Cemetery FS Memorial Project.

…. and more projects to come in 2021!

 Your membership fee contributions are critical to supporting AMBCANADA’s Virtual Office & Systems Modernization, active Webinar programming, bilingual identity, communications initiatives and much more.  Thank You!



We invite you to renew your membership in RHOMA for 2020.

Our membership fees are $75.00 for members and $40.00 for spousal associate members.

There are two ways to effect payment:

On-line: The preferred method is the PayPal option that will allow members to pay effortlessly and electronically and incur no additional charges for the convenience of transacting on-line. This is done by clicking on RHOMA’s 2020 membership renewal link:



Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to make an online payment (after clicking on above link, select “Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card” to pay by credit card rather than through a PayPal account).

By mail: Enclose your cheque in the amount of $75.00 payable to RHOMA and address it to RHOMA, PO Box 53190, Stn. Rideau Centre, Ottawa, ON, K1N 1C5.

We look forward to your continuing membership in RHOMA.

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