A Head of Mission’s spouse is much more than a “better half”. The spouse plays a vital, but more often than not undervalued and underestimated, part in the realization of the HOM’s mandate and of Canada’s interests in the countries of accreditation.  This incomplete list honours these individuals.

Note:  Information in this section is provided in the language of the announcement.

ARMSTRONG, Audrey Janet (1922-2013) (Spouse: Donaldson Armstrong)

AUFFRAY, Marie-Nicole (1992) (Conjoint: Hector Allard)

BERNARD, Pierre (2020) (Conjoint: Marie Bernard-Meunier) 

BOW, Elizabeth (Betty) nee Roberts (1910-2012)

BUTLER, Georgiana, Mary, nee North (1928-2015) (Spouse: Esmond Butler)

CADIEUX (née COMTOIS), Anita (1927-2004) (Conjoint: Marcel Cadieux)

CAMERON, K. Isobel  (1925 -2020) (Spouse: Robert Parke Cameron (Bob))  

CARMEL, Gabrielle (1916-1998) (Conjoint: le t.-h. Jules Léger)

CHABEAUX, Laurielle (1944-2016) (Spouse: Gary J. Smith)

CLARK, Nancy Cynthia, née Blachford (1935- 2021) (Spouse: Ian Christie Clark)


DOHERTY, Elizabeth (1909-2002) (Conjoint: Jean Morin)

DOLE, Paul Damien (1941-2015) (Conjointe: Patricia Marsden)

DORRETT, Isabelle nee McMillan (1930-2009)

FORTIER (née ALLÉGRET), Marie-Thérèse (2008) (Conjoint: d’Iberville Fortier)

GHERSON, Joan Evelyn (1927 – 2017) (Spouse of Randolph Gherson)

GRUDER-DRAKE,  Monica Cecile (1948-2021) (Spouse of Earl Drake)  

HADWEN, Shirley Vivyan (1929-2017) (Spouse of John Hadwen)

HAMMOND (née READ), GLORIA (2019) (Spouse of Tom Hammond)

HARGREAVES, Terence Albert,  (2019) (Spouse: Anna Biolik) 

HARMAN, Margaret nee Siddal (1928-2013)

HERVIEUX, Berthe (1904-2000) (Conjoint: Henri Gaudefroy)

HICKS, Elizabeth (2005)

HUGHES (Wade), Mary Jane (1919 – 2018)

JUNEAU (née Escobar) Emitza E. (1946 – 2018) (Spouse of Jean-Pierre Juneau) 

LEE, Beverly Joan( (née Saul) (1932-2019) (Spouse of Edward “Ted” Lee)  

LOTTO, Margaret (Nicky) (née Nixon) (1933 -2020) (Spouse of Victor Lotto) 

MARSHALL, Jane Mildred Ann  (2019) (Spouse: Charles J. Marshall)

MAWHINNEY, Islay Margaret (nee Sampson) (1937 -2020) (Spouse of Barry Mawhinney)

MAYBEE, Nevitt Davidson (nee Black) (1925-2020) (Spouse: John (Jack) Ryerson Maybee)  

McCARDLE (NEE HARRISON), Lannie Roth (2013)

MIDWINTER, Sally Katherine (nee Heard) (1929-2020)(Spouse: James Robert Midwinter) 

PAGE, Patricia Kathleen (2010) (Spouse William Arthur Irwin)

PERRON, Monique (1941-2019) (Spouse: Marc Perron)

PETERS, Naomi (1033 – 2017) (Spouse: Robert Peters)

PFLANZ, Constance May nee Wilcock (1944-2013)

PRESTON COOK, Beth (1927-2014) (Spouse Geoffrey Cook)

QUIRING, Donald (1935-2013) (Spouse Penny Reedie)

RAE, Lois, nee George (1914-2014)

RANKIN, Mona Miller (2013)

REYNOLDS, Louise (1919-2916) (Spouse Ralph Edward Reynolds)

RIDDELL, Jessica nee Lambert (1924-2012)

ROBINSON (NEE WRIGHT), Shelagh Wetheral (1923-2013)

ROGER (NEE MACHUM), Gene Elizabeth Fairchild (1927-2013)

ROGERS, Frances (1909-2013)

ROY (nee Akerlind), Sylvia Margareta (1949 -2019) (spouse of Jacques Roy) 

SIRRS (nee LUCAS), Mary (2015)

SMALL (née McMahon), M. Helen (1924-2020) (spouse of Douglas Small) 

STEERS (nee Molina Veléz), Martha (2016) (Spouse: Barry Connell Steers)

STILES (nee Buckley), Margaret Celia (1918-2015) (Spouse: John Stiles)

STONE, Christine nee Ethel Christine Berry (1924-2012)

TOVELL, Rosita nee Lesueur (1919-2014)

TURNER, Beryl Audrey (    – 2017)

VANDENHOFF, James Michael “Jack”, (1933-2015) (Spouse: Mary nee Campbell)

WARREN, HILARY JOAN TITTERINGTON (1929 -2019) (Spouse of “Jake” Warren) 

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