Canadian Ambassadors of Note Recognized by their Peers

Canadian Ambassadors of Note Recognized by their Peers

Canadian Ambassadors of Note Recognized by their Peers (Ottawa, December 18, 2019)

In a new initiative, retired Canadian Ambassadors recognize Canadian Ambassadors of
Note who have distinguished themselves by their remarkable achievements since the
beginning of Canada’s diplomatic presence abroad.

On December 10, Associate Deputy Minister Vincent Rigby and the President of the
Retired Heads of Mission Association (RHOMA), Gilles Rivard, presided at a special
ceremony at the LB Pearson Building to honour diplomats as Ambassadors of Note,
recognizing their remarkable achievements in the pursuit of Canada’s international

RHOMA Board member and President of the Selection Committee for Ambassadors of
Note, Gary J. Smith, presented certificates to Robert Fowler, Louise Fréchette and Paul
Heinbecker, who were in attendance. He named the seventeen other Ambassadors of Note
(in alphabetical order): William “Bill” Barton; Derek Burney; Marcel Cadieux; Raoul
Dandurand; Robert Ford; Klaus Goldschlag; Allan Gotlieb; Philippe Kirsch: Margaret
Meagher; Lester Pearson; Escott Reid; Charles Ritchie; Norman Robertson; Chester
Ronning; Ken Taylor; Georges Vanier; and Hume Wrong.

After outlining the criteria for the nomination and selection process, Mr. Smith noted that
the RHOMA membership had nominated a total of 89 individuals. He said, “These inaugural Ambassadors of Note awards occur on the 110thanniversary of the Department of External Affairs and highlight the link between the
evolution of Canada as an independent country and the growth of its foreign service and its
place in the world.”

The complete list of Ambassadors of Note, along with short biographical notes, photos and
reading suggestions is on RHOMA’s website:

RHOMA intends to add to the list of Ambassador of Note in the years to come.

For further information please contact Lillian Thomsen, Vice President Communications
for RHOMA at lillianthomsenottawa



Associate Deputy Minister, GAC, Vincent Rigby;  Ambassadors of Note: Robert Fowler, Louise Fréchette and Paul Heinbecker;  RHOMA President, Gilles Rivard; RHOMA Director, Gary J. Smith  

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